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The concert is cancelled! hr2-Kulturlunch: Blue Notes and Red Roses

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Kulturlunch 19/20 notes & roses

The event series »hr2-Kulturlunch« invites you on nine Sunday mornings to fun musical-literary matinees in the hr-Sendesaal. In spring, a combo by Rainer Heute and Martin Scales presents all sorts of floral music, entwined by a thriving literary bouquet.

Rainer Heute, saxophone
Martin Scales, guitar
Franco Petrocca, bass
Valery Brusilovsky, drums
Tom Schlüter, piano
Claude de Demo, speaker

Sunday, April 19th 2020

11.00 h



German version and ticket link

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The concert is cancelled! Roberto Fonseca - Cuba 2.0

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On the musical map, little Cuba is above all one thing: the home of the Buena Vista Social Club. To reduce a pianist like Roberto Fonseca to that would be fatal. But it is true: as the successor to the legendary Rubén Gonzáles, he has earned his spurs as pianist of the »Club« with over 400 concerts worldwide. Since then, Fonseca has worked for many stars of Cuban music such as Omara Portuondo or Ibrahim Ferrer as an arranger, producer and musician. Meanwhile, as a jazz pianist, Fonseca has become a brand of the Cuban music scene. He embodies Cuba on a new musical level, looking for new sounds and connections to other musical styles. And who better to find it than Fonseca, who has learned the »Son Cubano« from the greats and now takes the next step. Fonseca is cosmopolitan, technically precise and has a sure sense for melodies and rhythm.

Roberto Fonseca, piano
Yandy Martinez, bass
Ruly Herrera, drums
Rainer Tempel, conductor

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

20.00 h


Alte Oper Frankfurt

Thursday, April 23rd 2020

19.30 h


Staatstheater Kassel

German version and ticket link