CD-Cover "Chet remembered"

Challange Records Chet remembered

CD Cover Rituals

Double Moon Records Rituals - hr-Bigband feat. Chris Potter

CD Cover FEE. & hr-Bigband Live

O-Tone Music FEE. & hr-Bigband Live

CD-Cover "Songs You Like A Lot"

Flexatonic Records John Hollenbeck "Songs You Like A Lot"

CD-Cover: Mann spielt Gitarre

Moosicus / Indigo/375 "Kriegel Today!"


Der Hörverlag Leb wohl, Berlin

Nino Rota - CD von Simone Zanchini

IN + OUT Records/EDEL Simone Zanchini & hr-Bigband spielen die Musik von Nino Rota

CD-Cover "Homo Faber": Stilisierte Schreibmaschine

Der Hörverlag Homo Faber als Hörspiel

Cover Django Bates Saluting Sgt. Pepper

Edition Records Django Bates: Saluting Sgt. Pepper

CD-Cover Phronesis

Edition Records Phronesis - The Behemoth

CD-Cover Der Unsichtbare

GLM-Music Der Unsichtbare

CD-Cover Broad Horizon

Creative Multimedia Broad Horizon

CD-Cover More Than Blues

MIG-Music More Jack Than Bruce

CD-Cover Songs We Like A Lot

Sunnyside Songs We Like A Lot

CD-Cover Let it be told

Basho Records Let It Be Told

CD-Cover Into The Mackerel Sky

Double Moon Into the Mackerel Sky

CD-Cover Little Drop of Poison

Universal A Little Drop Of Poison

CD-Cover Wunderkammer XXL

ACT Wunderkammer XXL

CD-Cover Songs I Like A Lot

Sunnyside Songs I Like A Lot

CD-Cover Ne Prise Zimt

Edel Ne Prise Zimt

CD-Cover Rise & Arrive

Label 11 Rise & Arrive

CD-Cover Composed & Arranged

jazz4ever composed & arranged

CD-Cover Out of the Desert

ACT Out of the Desert - live

CD-Cover Quest For Freedom

Sunnyside Quest for Freedom

CD-Cover It's Only Love

Atemberaubende Show Tania Maria live: "It's only love"

CD-Cover Visions of Miles

In+Out Records Colin Towns & hr-Bigband: "Visions of Miles"

CD-Cover Momenta

Basho Records Julian Argüelles und hr-Bigband "Momenta"

CD-Cover Big

Phazz-A-Delic "Big" - DePhazz und die hr-Bigband

CD-Cover Limbic System Files

Mit NuBox auf enja-Records Limbic System Files

CD-Cover Jack Bruce feat. hr-Bigband hr-Bigband featuring Jack Bruce

CD-Cover Swing Low Sweet Clarinett

Eddie Daniels & hr Bigband Swing Low Sweet Clarinet

CD-Cover Futter für die Seele

Jazzkantine Futter für die Seele